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Nasca desert and travel rage

Night buses are torturous

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large_2795318E2219AC68171D1364D131723C.jpglarge_180_268542742219AC681701963F95FB4CAC.jpgNasca desert and travel rage
I sat with my friend in tears on the sofa in the hostel, simultaneously laughing and crying after suffering horrific food poisoning and travel sickness. Every five minutes one of us was in the toilet, and the rest of the time we were sat with stomach cramps, trying to sip powerade and discussing the night bus ahead. At this point I have to say I HATE night buses. Night buses are the worst invention in the world and South America is NOT the place for them. I spent ten hours with someone's head in my lap, swaying and trying to grip the seat so that I did it fall into the aisle as we were swung around the worlds tightest corners. There was no fresh air at all, and so much condensation from people's horrible breath was on the windows that I actually thought we might be driving through clouds. I was heaving into a plastic bag while the room spun around me, hot tears streaming down my face while Brad slept like a baby. There is never enough leg room, you can't read because the bus is moving too much, you can't listen to music because there's always some idiot making announcements like you are on a plane. They take everything out of your bag and search you before you even get on the bus, the toilets are only set up for number ones which are sprayed all over the floor so your socks get camp in strangers urine. You're always told that you are half the distance away from your destination than you actually are so there's false hope and you are forced to use the air conditioning which doesn't work and the windows which clearly DO open are forbidden to be opened. So towards the end of my journey I was sat vomiting water through my nose in the toilet which had the one open window on the bus. For these reasons I HATE night buses.
Arriving in Nasca
We arrived At the he hotel at 7.30 am, got showered and headed to the pool. Now this is the first pool we have had access to during the whole trip, and the first bit of hot weather. So when we realised that the sun wasn't over the pool we weren't scared off. The British United in moving sofas from outside peoples rooms to the middle of the pavement, in the only patch of sun wearing our shorts, shirts off desperate for the tan. It was hot, sunny gorgeous views and we were all really happy. When the sun was out enough, we went over to the pool and because there were leaves and dead flies in it, Brad and I cleaned it with the pool net. We swam when it was hot enough and we all sat around soaking up the sun. Brad left early to go to the plane ride to see the Nasca lines, but I couldn't go because I still felt sick and we've been told that the plane ride is bumpy so people often vomit. We had a Pachamanca ceremony at 2pm, where Brad and I took part. We had to thank Pachamama for the food, which was buried cooking underground with hot stones.
That evening, we just sat by the pool (which has a concrete slide) drinking beer and listening to music. We went to the hotels restaurant for food, where we had to wait over an hour for our drinks alone and one terrible meal came out at a time. We passed the time by singing James blunt over and over with the lyrics on someone's phone and that scared off some of the other customers- BONUS!
The next day we went to the Nasca desert to see the famous lines. We drove through where there was absolutely nothing at all around us apart from sand dunes and mountains and lots of dust. Apparently it hasn't rained there in hundreds of years which is why the lines are mostly intact. We saw the hands and the tree from a view point and I was surprised by how small they are close up. We then went to a place where we would dune buggy.
Dune Buggies are Amazing! Our driver took us extremo thanks to our guide so we went flying round bumping up and down in this big metal buggy in the middle of the hot desert in huge sand dunes as far as the eye could see. We stopped to go sand boarding which is so scary the first time you do it but incredibly fun. I had to lay with my elbows tucked in on the board, face forward holding onto these big thick straps and we were warned to keep our legs up off the sand or we would get burnt. No worries then! And to slow down we were told to put our feet down in the sand. Once I was off I was so scared but it was really fun picking up speed and flying down this immense hill. The next dune we were able to try standing up and it went well for me until halfway down where I got stuck, fell over and had to struggle to get myself back up. I must have looked like an ant under a magnifying glass but I didn't really burn so I just thought it was funny, and eventually managed to finish off on my bum. The final dune was gigantic. We had to go face down laying on our fronts and it must have been threes times as big as the first one. I nearly backed out being scared of heights and seeing how steep it was. I got into position and the guy went to push me too early so I got a bit freaked out and just shouted 'just go just go push!' Because I didn't want to back out and regret it. My feet were in the sand nearly the whole time but I felt like I was going a hundred miles an hour. When I looked back everyone at the top of the dune looked tiny and I felt so extreme! The buggy ride back was like a roller coaster and we went on huge dunes! When we got back to the hotel where the others were waiting, we saw a big swimming pool so I got changed and jumped straight in. We had some food and drank piƱa coladas before going to the pisco winery where the trouble started. We had a ten minute tour then started drinking 20 to 50 percent alcohol, and started to feel a bit merry. On the coach ride to the hotel after the pisco I bought beer from the window as a lady came up with them, and we all drank beer having a silent disco on the coach. By the time we arrived at the hotel we were a bit drunk (50 percent alcohol is strong! And we were all for the top ups) so we decided not to go with the rest of the group, but to seek out a beer and a burger. Around an hour and a half later we were eating one burger at a time, with ice cold chips, cold buns and raw meat for two of the boys. Then Brad found a big black hair in our chips and had a heated discussion in the kitchen so we paid and left. We did not pay for the hairy chips. But we did get some free pisco sours and managed to drink some mojito's too. Back at the hotel, we sat in one of the rooms drinking beer, which led to sitting by the pool drinking beer, which led to jumping in the pool, which then led to the hangover I am suffering now as I write this. Yesterday was the best day of this tour apart from MaccuPiccu and I definitely have that holiday feeling.

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