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Rio to Lima

Flying sick and riot police

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large_0CD412132219AC6817A39C2F59D1114C.jpgYesterday we had to get up at 1.30 am to catch our flight. I woke up sick as a dog and was vomiting all morning, before we left the hostel and at the airport during the one hour wait to check our baggage. The airport staff didn't even seem to know what they were doing as they kept stopping and wandering off asking for help, while I sat on the floor with the room spinning and my stomach cramping. It was not enjoyable. Brad had toothache and was feeling ill, plus both of our backs were hurting from a week on a chicken wire bed, so it's safe to say that the excitement of the next part of our adventure had not quite reached us yet. We got through in two hours to the cafeteria and our flight was delayed by an hour some sat and had a bite in the only ate in the airport. I felt a bit better after a hot chocolate but not by enough to stop me from shamelessly shivering and sleeping on the floor of the airport in the foetal position. Brad woke me up when it was time to board and luckily it was a quiet flight so we managed to grab 3 seats each to lie on. I woke up on average every half an hour and I think the flight attendants got a bit annoyed that I kept asking for water. Every bit of turbulence turned my stomach and I found myself heaving in the toilet several times. Once we landed, we got some water and took a taxi to our hotel.
I imagined Peru to be a bit ore cheery if I am honest. The taxi took us through some rough neighbourhoods and he told us the area we are staying is ok but not great when we asked about safety. This was confirmed when we drove past hoards of riot police and protestors, and pulled up to our hotel in the middle of it all. Nevertheless, we got in to our beautiful old hotel with its classic decor, washed and had a nap before taking to the streets. The bath was beautiful. It filled an inch and a half before running out of warm water so I had to roll around in it like a fish in a bucket struggling to stay under but I did t mind too much because when you are backpacking a bath is a bath! We got a cheeky KFC from next door and brad managed to use his Spanish skills to order me some lettuce in a bun, chips and surprisingly nice coleslaw. After that, we too, a walk down the high street past all of the heavily armed police and through to the hops. The buildings were beautiful, and very interesting to look at. So much detail went into every part of the architecture so that was great to look at. The shops were very similar to back home and there was even a Starbucks so I got a delicious earl grey tea which was heaven!
The rest of the afternoon was spent back in our hotel room because we were both still very very sick, and we watched kitchen nightmares and dr phil on the ipad which was a nice home comfort with my cuppa :) I went back out for a coffee because I was hungry and Brad went to sleep. Unfortunately, the police had dispersed and lots of people approached me when I was on my own, just trying to stay conversations as I walked past them and it made me feel uncomfortable so I went back to the hotel empty handed. Brad didn't hear me knocking for a long time and he had told me not to take a key so I was locked out and had to go back out. About an hour later, someone was back on reception and managed to call up and get me in. We had an early night and woke up this morning feeling better, so today we are going to visit Miraflores so see some ruins and have lunch which. Is exciting!

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